Ediz Pinar

Senior Designer with over 20 years experience. His work is rooted at the intersection of digital design and brand identity with a more recent interest in creating design systems for digital products. He currently lives and works in London, UK.

Ediz has worked with a wide range of clients, utilising his creative skills in both traditional and digital design to meet their individual needs.

His distinctive visual approach enables him to provide design solutions with a strong artistic aesthetic.

Landor, Ogilvy UK, Hogarth Worldwide, Creature, Kitchen Soho, Engage Works, Alter Agency, McDonald Butler, Inventis Digital

Barclays, Google, Kia, GSK, Rolls Royce, BAT, Apple, Formula 1, BRIT, UEFA, Brookfield, Pearson, Neptune, Brunswick, Sainsbury’s, Huawei, Alcatel, Cotswold Co, IBM/VMware, PEGA, Telefonica, TTEC, Mayfield Manchester, AWS, Anglo American, TCL, Investoo, Lord’s Taverners, Gregory’s Tree, Investoo, Swarovski, Mavi, BAKSI Museum, CSTEM, ARTANE, Orient America, Sea Song, Alavya